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First denture

Initial denture

Immediaat prothese

It used to be that the patient, after extraction of their natural teeth, walked about toothless for three months. Nowadays, when being “toothless” is socially unacceptable, this is fortunately not the case anymore. By placing the full denture immediately after extraction the patient can again participate fully in society. Also, figuring out the shade, size and shape of the front teeth can be done on the basis of the existing natural teeth. Veringmeier offers you this method, by cooperating with the local hospital. There is also the possibility, for extremely frightened patients, to request an anesthesia treatment from your health insurance.

What does it cost?

In many cases the denture will be reimbursed up to 100%. Extracting rotten teeth is in the basic insurance package and is in any case free of charge (of course after medical indication).


What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have already been raised by many

It used to be the case that the patient, after extraction of their natural teeth, walked around toothless for about three months. Nowadays, this is fortunately no longer needed. By placing an initital full denture ( immediaat) immediately after extraction, the toothless patient can participate instantly again in the society. This denture is an emergency temporary denture designed for about the first year, and will need to be adjusted (rebased) after 3 or 4 months.

Before your teeth are removed you already visited us a number of times to make bite impressions of your teeth. Together with the denturist, the kind of teeth and the color is determined. Once your denture is ready, you visit the oral surgeon to pull your teeth and after it place the denture directly onto your jaw.

If your denture is too loose (or pinches), your denture is measured again and adjusted to fit your jaw properly.

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