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Partial denture

Partial prosthesis

Partiele gebitsprothese

Caries and gum problems are the main causes of the loss of teeth. Only after a positive evaluation of the residual dentition (the teeth that are still present) by a dentist, it is useful to proceed to the measurement of a partial denture. This prosthesis can be broadly split into two groups:

  • Frame replacement; a synthetic resin replacement with metal substructure.
  • Synthetic resin prosthesis; a fully synthetic resin prosthesis, with or without metal hooks.

Which type is most suitable for you will, of course in consultation with you, be determined by the denturist / dentist.

In order for a patient to qualify for a reimbursement at the regional health insurance, the denturist must have a written referral / authorization from the dentist.


What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have already been raised by many

If due to caries (cavities) and gum disorders you lost some teeth, it may be decided, upon advise of the dentist, to opt for a partial denture. A partial denture is a removable denture replacing one or more teeth. This may be your preference, if you do not want your lost teeth to be replaced by a bridge, crown or implant. Such a denture can be taken out from the mouth, but bridges, crowns or implants cannot.

A full denture has a personal contribution of 10%. Repair of a partial denture is not covered by the health insurance, but under the supplementary insurance and thus depends on your insurance conditions. Please contact us, we are able to give you detailed information about it.

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