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Complete denture


After the last teeth are extracted, we are able to produce a complete denture for “the toothless”. What is the use of it, beyond -of course- that you have to “grind” your food with it?

In the first place is the aesthetics. The shape of the face is predominantly determined by the teeth. A denture also gives support to the soft tissue in the mouth. Nobody likes to walk around with sunken cheeks and an inflamed mouth.

Furthermore, it ensures that the sounds of speech are not leaving the mouth distorted. Finally, the denture prevents problems in the jaw joint, which can result in headaches and ear pain.

Veringmeier reflects on all these points and then produces a perfect denture according to the applicable standards.


What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have already been raised by many

Depending on your insurer, generally once every 5/6 years 75% reimbursement can be claimed under the health insurance. The remaining 25% is the legally compulsory personal contribution, which may partly be covered by the supplementary insurance. You pay approximately € 250 extra yourself. For more information, click here.

Not necessarily. Only if your denture is so worn out that it is impossible to fill it (perhaps after 5 to 7 years). We recommend to adjust the denture every 3 years to make it fit perfectly.

A full denture has a personal contribution of 10%. Repair of a partial denture is not covered by the health insurance, but under the supplementary insurance and thus depends on your insurance conditions. Please contact us, we are able to give you detailed information about it.

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